Monday, March 14, 2011

Who says a vase has to be a vase?

Rules of design are a starting point but don't get mired down in them...

Interior design is about merging creativity with style and sophistication to product something uniquely lovely. Following rules of design are a good starting point, but to have beautiful unique results calls for creativity. Decorators will tell you that some of the best ideas have been when creativity is allowed breathing room and design takes a quiet back seat. Without creativity there is a death of inspiration.
Find inspiration in as many diverse ways as possible. Magazines, like Country Living, Better Homes and Gardens are flooded with beautiful ideas that showcase personal creativity along with great design. In your own home, look for lovely pieces that have a possible dual function. China sets that sit in a hutch often have pieces that have lovely potential to be something else. After all, how often do you use these pieces? Once, twice a year?
Lovely China tea pots make gorgeous vases, small tea cup dishes make wonderful soap dishes.  See where this is going? Mason jars are not only great for canned food, but they also have a lot of lovely uses, especially old ones found at antique malls and flea markets. Use them in the kitchen for housing wooden spoons on the counter. Large pickle jars can be wonderful for storing nuts, lemons, limes or cookies. Simply cover the lid with a square of cloth cut with pinking shears and a rubber band. Old small watering cans look great next to the fire place with long fireplace matches stored in them.
The idea is to get inspired, expand your mind, and always think dual purposes when looking at what you have right under your nose. You may have the next big idea.
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