Sunday, January 23, 2011

Top articles on home buying, and selling

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Top real estate selling articles
More now than ever is it imperative to use every selling strategy possible to get your home sold for a profit. If you follow these three article suggestions it will get your ready for the challenge ahead. Effectively selling your home for the price you want is a fine science, failing to recognize that could cost you not only the sale of your home, but the ability to even find a buyer.

Top real estate advice articles
Should I refinance my home?
South Carolina, like many other states has faced a decline in home market value. Homes are staying on the market longer and home owners are struggling with finances. In these economically stressful times, homeowners are constantly looking for ways to save money.

Mortgage deals first time home buyers should avoid

As the past few years have indicated there has been a huge problem with the housing market. The inventory of homes for sale on the market is huge, while buyers are few and far between. First time home buyers will find themselves being prayed upon in a desperate market if they are not extremely savvy about what is a good deal, and what could be the worst decision of their lives.
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