Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Passion for Pink

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Do you have a passion for pink? Culturally, in most countries, pink is clearly a feminine color. However, apart from the gender orientation, if that is the color in which you would like to decorate your bedroom, your daughter’s room, or your baby’s nursery, your choices are far from limited. Pink comes in a variety of shades, from very pale to shocking pink. Pink can be a relaxing, soothing color, or it can be loud and vibrant. You can decorate the room in the shade that appeals the most to you, depending on the effect that you would like to achieve.

Let’s imagine that you would like to decorate your little baby princess’s bedroom in pink. In this case, you would probably choose a lighter, more subtle shade, as you want your little baby to be in a soothing environment. You would paint the walls of the room in a very pale shade so that the room is light and airy. The actual furniture, such as the crib, changing table, and cupboards, could be a mild rosy hue, or even a more neutral color that would blend in with the rest of the décor. On the floor, you could either place pale pink area rugs, once again going with the idea of repose and relaxation, or you could choose a more pronounced shade. The reason for this would be to stimulate your baby’s interest with bright, jolly colors. Similarly, you could put up mobiles of a stronger pink to attract your little princess’s attention as she lies in her crib, but her actual bedding would be rose colored or oyster pink, as these are more restful shades.

If, on the other hand, you are a teenage girl who wants to sleep in a pink bedroom, you would probably go for brighter colors. Many teenagers actually like walls that stand out in bolder colors to emphasize their mood. In this case, shocking pink is probably the color, and the contrast here would be reversed. The area rug on the wood flooring would be a light pink for contrast, with rose-colored bedding and curtains, as this is a shade that lies somewhere in between. Alternatively, other colors that are similar, such as purple or mauve, may also be included within the range as these also add to the contrasting look.

However, pink does not need to be limited only to girls’ bedrooms. In its subtler shades, it can be added to rooms that are in other colors in order to either provide a contrast or add to the theme. For example, if you are looking for a peach bathroom, again because this is a relaxing color or because it is reminiscent of seashells and a maritime theme, you may want an oyster pink rug to merge with the peach-colored walls and flooring. In this case, the actual fittings in the bathroom may be beige, magnolia, or peach, and the pink area rug simply adds to the look rather than taking it over.

Having a passion for pink does not have to limit your creativity. In fact, it can enhance it and add an extra dimension to the décor that you want.

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