Monday, June 25, 2012

Outdoor living spaces

Back yard

Interior decorating is not limited to indoor spaces. When we decorate our homes, we always have to remember to include the outside spaces as well. In doing so we extend the beauty of our homes beyond doors and walls. Adding visual interest outside enhances the beauty of the inside.

Focus on what you see from the window

To create a beautiful interior, it is sometimes necessary to improve what can be seen on the outside. Try to add outdoor visual interest wherever there is a window in your home to improve the look a feel of the room from the inside. You'd be surprised how much this impacts the beauty of an interior space.

Create outdoor living spaces in multiple areas

Birdfeeder plant hanger

Having one deck on your home is a nice feature, however adding lots of little outdoor hidden niches creates a little surprise around every corner. Designated areas that have a lovely view, are adjacent to entries to your home create welcoming areas to sit and enjoy your home and garden.

Limited green space doesn't mean limited options


If you have a small yard or little grass doesn't mean you can't create a beautiful little place to sit and enjoy the outdoors. Focus on container gardening, lovely small scale Bistro chairs and tables are all it takes to create a beautiful exterior space. Small bird baths and bird feeders will add to the space and also bring the nature to you.

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