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Spice inspired colors for interior spaces in 2011

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We all know that there are some exciting directions neutrals are going into this year, however, there are some spicy color trends also happening for those not trying to sell a home but warm one up to reflect their hunger for warmth and comfort. Trends spotted this year in interior paint colors in South Carolina are everywhere.
Spice inspired colors
The trend for color is going to take a yummy approach for those seeking something less generic. You need not go any further than your own spice cabinet to find inspiration and be ahead of the trends for 2011. Hot interior paint colors right now are Cinnamon shades, Paprika, Saffron, Cummin, Sage, Nutmeg, and Cayenne. These colors invoke warmth, comfort and bold expression while visually a comforting display of earth tones.
Inspiration in the kitchen pantry
If you have been wondering where to look for inspiration, your kitchen pantry may be the smartest move you make. Keep in mind those metal finishes that go oh so well with these spicy colors are all in vogue at the moment such as oil rubbed Bronze and the ever neutral Pewter and Brushed Nickels. Trim out your bold spicy look with something a little new as well this year. Paprika, Cinnamon pair well with dark trims like black and Chocolate colors, as well as glossy cream. Do you see where we are headed this year? Its food inspired obviously. As Spring ever so slowly approaches, start warming up indoors and see where your kitchen's pantry may lead you.
Too much bold color?
A good rule of thumb when painting a room with warm, strong colors is to balance them out with the right neutral shades in the room. Down play the colors of the furnishings and decor to simple colors and textures, using your painted trim accents as a possible color guide. If your new Paprika inspired kitchen has cream colored trim, or cabinets, keep that cream going with the decor. The idea is to have bold balanced with calm. This creates a room that has style, and is pleasing to the eye. Remember, too little is bad, too much is worse.
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