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Interior design terms and definitions series T-Z

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Table runner
A long, narrow, decorative strip of fabric running down the middle of a table. Also used on top of dressers.

Task lighting
A lighting system directed to a specific surface or area to provide illumination for visual tasks. Designed to conserve energy by lighting confined work spaces.

Tall hard wood trees resistant to insects and warping. Originally grow in East India, native to south and southeast Asia, and now planted in Western Africa and tropical America. Yellow-brown, high-quality, durable, heavy, close-grained wood. Used for shipbuilding and furniture.

A lightweight fabric accessory meant to be used as a light blanket or as a decorative element commonly placed at the foot of a bed or draped over the back of a sofa. Throws usually measure about 64" x 72" in size.

A French word for cloth or fabric, linen, sailcloth, or canvas. Cotton or linen woven or printed documentary fabric, typically printed in monotone colors on an off-white or white background, originally made in France. The names come from "Toile de Jouy." In 18th century Jouy, France, this new technique of engraved plate printing on linen or cotton cloth was made famous.

Type of standing floor lamp with a reflector bowl designed to throw indirect light upward.

Thread count
This refers to the number of threads in one square inch of fabric. Different levels of softness in bed linens. The higher the thread count, the tighter the weave, making the lines soft and smooth. The minimum that most consumers look for in a comfortable sheet is 250. Luxury linen lines can have as high as a 1200 thread count.

Traditional furniture
Classic, elegant, and formal in appearance, this furniture category includes dark polished woods, curves, carvings, and deep rich color. Traditionally styled furniture is available in both original antique pieces and quality reproductions. This type of furniture usually follows a particular period style such as Georgian, Tudor, Regency, French Provincial, or Louis XV. It tends to have a timeless beauty that makes it outlast many trends.

Traffic pattern
The flow or direction in which people move through, in, and out of a room.

Trompe l'oeil
French word meaning to  "fool the eye." Three-dimensional architectural painting effects. A form of wall painting that creates the illusion of tangible and spatial qualities. Often used to make a room appear to carry on outdoors. First used thousands of years ago in frescoes and murals by the Romans.

Trundle bed

Twin bed frame or daybed housing an additional mattress on casters, which is pulled out as needed.

A shallow ornamental drapery treatment, i.e. rod picket, box-pleated, kick-pleated, shirred-balloon, etc., hung at the heading of a window or canopy to conceal

Zen design
In the simplest terms,  Zen in design is about achieving an environment that embraces minimal ornamentation, natural elements and open spaces that are visually non traditional and non cluttered. Think of simplicity, serenity and harmony.  In decor there may be a few pieces that have a bright color in the interior landscape of the room but primarily it should be serene and calming.  Many people desire the Zen design aesthetic in bedrooms and meditation rooms where it lends itself well to relaxation.

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