Tuesday, September 28, 2010

********Converting a closet into an office space

A wall closet in a residential house in the Un...A wall closet in a residential house in the United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Convert that unused closet into a functional office space...
It may be hard to believe but there are times when you may need an office area far more than you need a closet. In those times, it is easy to take a spare closet and convert it into a functioning space. Latest and probably lasting trends that will be seen in the housing market is new construction that is accommodating to the needs of most home buyers to have a home office. For those who have an older home improvising is the name of the game.

Things You'll Need:
1 piece of 4 X 8 plywood (this should be enough but measure)
(2) 2X4X8's or(1 X 5's can also be used) You may need more so make sure to measure.
Box of 1 1/2 inch nails, or screws
(1) handsaw or skill saw
(1) level
(1) drill
molly bolts

Step 1
 First things first, you will want to measure your closet sides, and across the back. The closet in the photograph is the kind with two bi folds, so the measurements were roughly 2 1/2 feet on each short end and approximately 6 feet across.

Step 2
 Cut your 2 X 4 that will be mounted on the interior walls across the back and sides to fit according to your individual closet size. Nail one nail in the center of each 2 X 4 this will allow you the ability to move your 2 X 4 and adjust it to be perfectly level. Make sure to use a level and mark the wall with a pencil. You can now screw it into place using molly bolts and your drill. Add enough to make it very secure, and repeat this with the end too.
Step 3
 Now that your 2 x 4's are all in place and level and securely attached to your walls, it is time to cut your ply wood to fit on top. Make sure to put in several notches along the back of the plywood to allow for your computer wires, etc. Once cut simply place on top of the 2 X 4 braces and nail along the edges. If you want this space to also serve for other uses like sewing, its a good idea to place a 2 X 4 brace up from the floor to add extra support for a heavy sewing machine.
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