Monday, March 28, 2011

When design must meet lifestyle

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Many homeowners find themselves struggling between trying to create a home that meets their living needs while incorporating design and decor that will please them on an emotional level. Add to that a limited budget and you have for a less than ideal home life. So how do we find ways to make our lifestyle work and look good with such limited resources? 

It all starts with what you already have. That brass light fixture in the garage doesn't have to be a thing of  the past,  a simple can of spray paint can bring it back into the right century. Change out the light bulbs and glass globes/shades with updated ones. Take a visit online to Ebay and Amazon and type into your search "vintage". Chances are you will find hidden inexpensive treasures that you didn't even think existed anymore. Let your mind go where it will.

It's all about big ideas. Big ideas always seem to translate into big money, however the best ideas are the ones that cost little or nothing at all. Go around your home, delve into the old attic, look for those things you thought were "dated" and see if they can't be re-purposed. Think out of the box, take a risk. Lets say you love Roman themes..who is to say that the garden statue wouldn't be just as lovely inside as out? Or that the old bird bath, with a glass topper wouldn't make an extraordinary night table? 

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA APARTMENT 1960Image by roberthuffstutter via FlickrImproving your surroundings at home, believe it or not have  a big impact on how you feel. If your home isn't feeding you well from the outside, it is a reflection of your  unhappiness on the inside. Try rearranging furniture, adding or taking away furniture and accessories.  The change in the energy will make all the difference and as always, remember to take care of yourself. Pamper the person on the inside in the simple comforts of life.  Isn't that what your home is supposed to do? After all it is more than shelter, or a place to hang your hat, it is the womb we can always retreat to.
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  1. Hey Dawn! So good to hear from you - I wasn't sure what had happened when I couldn't access your old blog anymore! I'm loving this layout! Also, what a great idea for a blog! Pertaining to your previous post: I cannot stop watching HGTV! I love seeing people re-do their homes.

  2. Hi Lauren, I am so frustrated that my other blog is MIA, so far no one has been able to help me find out what happened to it. I am desperately trying to reclaim my followers and hope that I can appeal to them to meet up with me here. Thank you so much for coming over to my new blog. It means the world to me..


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