Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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Reaction of drywall boards and finishes to a s...Image via WikipediaOnce a year, homeowners need to evaluate condition of their home
Old man winter has definitely made his presence known all over South Carolina as well as the United States. Often times bringing to mind the condition our homes may be in. This is also a good time to start making lists of areas of your home that need winterizing, weather-proofing and over all maintenance. These tips will give you a starting point.  
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Dealing with damaged drywall
In today's world of interior decor, wall-papering has somehow gotten a bad wrap. Actually there are times when not only is it appropriate, but down right necessary to use wall paper. Often times removal of old wall paper alone, calls for a remedy that is easy and much more forgiving. 
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Maintaining a home renovation and repair file
When we renovate, decorate or make any improvements it is a good idea to keep track of each and every improvement. Not only will this be handy for yourself in the future, but a well maintained and detailed file offered to the next buyer of your home is a great added bonus/incentive. If you keep this file in a safe place, it is also a handy reference if you should need it for insurance purposes.
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