Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Decorating with photography and artwork

Art Prints

Today we have many options and ways to bring our own cherished photographs and artwork into our design plan. Many companies will take your photographs, artwork prints and mount them on canvas, print them and frame them, or even convert favorite images into beautiful cards and stationary. The choices are unlimited.

Not a photographer or artist? No worries, most companies like, and sponsor some of the most beautiful artwork and photography in the world and one only has to put “flower” into the search box on these sites to find the most beautiful images imaginable. From there you can find stunning original pieces for any room in your home and know that it will not be seen in everyone's home.

Unlike in stores where you are stuck with what they offer, on Fine Art America allows for the customer to customize the image, add a frame, matting, or even have it on ready to hang framed canvas. Good design, and a pulled together room start with the details. The prices change according to the level of customization you're looking for. When you are done, you'll have something that is a unique and one of a kind piece. This is what designers and decorators live to find for homes.

For other ideas and design inspiration visit: Dawns Interior Decorating Solutions

Photography by Dawn Gagnon Photography


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