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Nurturing designs for your home

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In South Carolina, our home life is a philosophy that embraces warmth, family, nurturing and comfort, splashed with a side of style. There are many styles that can be melded together to create a unique setting that is all your own. It often starts with learning a few basics from many styles and applying them individually.
Interior design isn't just about having the most beautiful home in your neighborhood, or about having keeping up with the "Jones". It is about creating that special environment in your life that is conducive to your well being on all levels of the senses. These articles will give you basic ideas of how to achieve that nurturing environment we all need to achieve peace and harmony at home.

Shabby chic
English born designer Rachel Ashwell defines the term "Shabby Chic" as "the marriage of my English heritage with the fresh eclectic qualities of my California lifestyle". To understand this concept for those not familiar with the "California" lifestyle, simply put- shabby chic is about casual elegance using a blend of Victorian influence, and Zen simplicity.
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Zen design guidelines
Zen is a state of being, so to decide on how to design a home with the Zen influence is at best an interpretation of limited dimension. With that in mind, here are general guidelines that are Zen-like, and can be incorporated into your home and lifestyle on some level. Zen is a lifestyle and it is about a seamless transition between mind and environment.
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Feng Shui, a few basic principles
Feng Shui master, Kwai Lan Chan defines "Feng Shui" as the ancient Chinese science of balancing the various elements within the e
nvironment. "Feng" meaning wind, and "Shui" meaning water, are the two key elements that have control over the environment which also influences every aspect of life existing in its presence
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