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Christmas tips and fun ideas

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The holidays present us each year with new opportunities to enjoy family traditions, learn crafty and smart money saving strategies and awesome little tips that just make things easier. In Orangeburg, SC the Edisto Gardens is all aglow with beautiful festive Christmas lights that are not just a pleasure to drive through, but a Kids Walk allows you to thoroughly enjoy the interactive features as well. Make a new family tradition to visit this spectacular park for Christmas.

Christmas doesn't have to be the most hectic time of year. There are some wonderful tips and tricks that can save you time, money and are just plain smart. For some of those ideas, see: Holiday deals online. Often we can easily become immersed in a sea of gift wrap, bows, tape and packing materials. While we may want to rush to throw out that which is of new use, you may consider these tips this time around. Here are a few ideas that you may want to try. Be smart this year  by looking for great coupons and deals where you can find them.  Please see: Great deals on Christmas gifts for  smart ways to save.

Don't throw away those cardboard tubes that your wrapping paper is often on. Save them, cut them into 12 inch pieces, cut a slit down the side and cup over your other rolls of wrapping paper. This keeps the roll from unraveling and nice and neat for next year without having to tape the edges down. You can also save them for wrapping flat ribbon around, and don't forget to make use of paper towel cardboard rolls and toilet paper rolls too. The come in real handy for wrapping small strands of pearls from the tree, or strands of Christmas lights used perhaps on the mantle or around the house. For tips on holiday decorating on a budget, see: Inexpensive holiday decorating ideas.

Save those metal pop corn tins that you buy at Christmas time or receive as a gift. These make ideal storage for your Christmas bows. They keep the bows from getting squashed with your gift wrap rolls. The tins also are great for storing all sorts of Christmas ornaments. If you save some of the packing peanuts from your shipping orders, you can use them here for placing glass ornaments as well. Store in a cool place.
Egg cartons can be used to store tiny ornaments, decorating beads, and even glitter if you store them carefully in a closet somewhere. They also make a great container for storing Christmas replacement light bulbs that are a little larger.

If you buy your comforters and pillows from a department store, don't be too quick to throw them away. Especially if they have a zippered enclosure. The pillows that have this, like some brands of Beauty Rest, in the King size are perfect for storing all of your gift wrap on the tubes. Plastic zippered comforter bags can be used to store winter clothing, heavy sweaters, and are also great to store artificial tree limbs that no longer fit back into the original box. Save all gift bags. Don't throw out gift  tissue paper, it can easily be reused by placing on an ironing board and ironing it flat again on a low setting with your iron.

Store ornament hooks in plastic zip lock bags or in the larger envelopes that your Christmas card greetings arrived in. Just seal the edge with tape, mark the envelope "ornament hooks" and place in your Christmas tin with the ornaments or recycled Christmas cookie tins.  Remember to relax this year as well and check out how to make this beverage, Christmas coffee.
Remember, as always the less fortunate this holiday season and make a contribution of your time, or a monetary donation to a charity of your choice. No holiday should pass without remembering our less fortunate or our military.

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  1. What a host of terrific tips!

    And Christmas coffee? Yummm.

    I started buying my gifts a few months early this year (as I've told myself to do every year, but you win some you lose some, right?). This allowed me to find the right gifts at the right price so I didn't have to put anything on the credit card this year! Which was my main goal.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    - Lauren

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