Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Painting tips for your home interior

Neutrals can make even tiny rooms feel spacious

Making Neutral colors work
We have all heard on television that neutrals are the way to go when painting a room, especially if you are planning on selling sometime in the near future. So you went and bought some beige and went to work "neutralizing" your home. Did you run across a feeling of boredom? Did you feel you toned your home down to the point it could be used for a sleep center? Well what a lot of these decorating shows on television fail to mention is that neutrals work but to get them to "pop" requires, bold compliments in trim and accents.
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How to find inspiration for color in your room
When deciding my color choices in a room, It's a great idea  to use what is already in the room. Often  our own decor can give us the greatest help when we need to decide on what color to paint a room that will not only appeal to us, but also enhance the existing decor elements.
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Going green in your home with the right paint
A few decades ago, painting a room involved a major process of opening windows and doors, sleeping in other rooms, and hours and hours of dry time. Little did the consumer know, the paint they were using was laden with lead, and high concentrations of VOC's.
Now the homeowner has options like never before to make their home beautiful, healthier and Eco friendly.
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