Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wallpaper: It's come a long way

Grey textured wallpaper
If you're trying to update your homes look, especially if you're trying to sell, paint is not the only option for giving your home a nice new update. While you may have been hesitant to use wallpaper in the past or you've heard countless times how it is a turn off to a potential buyer the truth is, wallpaper is coming back in big way. What wallpaper can give you over paint is it can hide a multitude of imperfections in the wall.

Easy installation- For kitchen and bathrooms, there are great neutral choices that are easier to install like this example: Brewster 425-6004 Trends For Kitchen and Bath Paper Crackle Wallpaper. Why is this paper a great choice? Well it is neutral, and so will not offend most buyers since it will go with a wide array of styles and décor. It has a random non repeating pattern which means you won't have to line up patterns. This saves you a lot of money because there are no extra cuts needed. It's scrub able, peel-able and this is something you can pass on to the new buyer or homeowner.

Damaged walls- How about a wallpaper that will really cover damage? Here's a great solution and it's paint-able so you can make it as neutral as you like: Large Tile Flower Heavy Textured Paintable Wallpaper. This wallpaper gives you all the flexibility you need to customize it to your existing décor or make it an easy match for the next family if you're selling. This is an ideal wallpaper for walls that have a lot of minor damage, scrapes, scratches and shallow indentations. Here's another example: Graham and Brown 13194 Cordoury Wallpaper.

Gray is the new beige- Don't forget, gray is the new beige in neutrals and it is extremely popular today. Gray has found a new following in the décor industry. It pairs well with bright white trim, and dark woods that are popular in many furnishings today. Try using updated modern wallpaper to create a focal point or a feature wall in your home, like this style: Brewster 176-65522 Beacon House Dynasty Foils Petals Wallpaper.

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