Friday, February 22, 2013

Finding decor inspiration for your home online

Dining room tableThe internet is probably one of the most invaluable tools out there for finding unique items for our homes. For those that can not afford an interior designer or decorator, the internet is the net best thing. To begin your hunt it is important that you try and at least loosely define your design style and taste. A fun way to do this is to make a scrapbook or photo album and collect pictures and articles on interior design and decor that speak to you visually and even emotionally.

Start off by defining what your ideas of a dream home entail. Then go through articles, magazines, and start collecting an imaginary profile of your dream home. Collect snippets of colors, fabrics, photo graphs, and soon you'll have your own vision. Many now are utilizing the Pinterest website for this and its a wonderful way to find your design style, unique to you. 

Once you begin to see your own tastes, and recurring themes in style, colors, textures emerging you can then start your hunt for items that can replicate what you have found. There are no shortage of sites out there and if you have the finances you can make any dream come true. However, true style and inspiration should not be about copying something in a photograph or spending a lot of money. Instead let the process be about taking great ideas, finds and making them something special and unique for your home. Mixing items you buy online and in stores with personal items you salvage along the way will give you a lot of wiggle room to express yourself in your home. It also makes good financial sense to revive, restore, re purpose and re use what you can.

There are several sites online you can go to and find unique and creative decorations, but more importantly they will give you ideas. See something you love but it costs a fortune? Chances are you can replicate it. One King's Lane, Country Door, Pier 1 Imports are all great sources of inspiration. Many of the items you see in these stores can be easily copied.
See an example of something you can replicate:
You can take an old coffee table, paint it white, distress it with sand paper and add a small old garden gate on to the top.
Garden Gate Coffee Table 
The idea is to use your creativity and never stop looking for those "finds" along the way. Great design doesn't take place in a furniture store, or Walmart, it takes place in your imagination. 


  1. Love the idea of creating a scrap-book or "dream book" for decorating your home. Very good article.

  2. Yeah you are right, We can design & decorate our dream home by collection idea from different sources available online. This is the great idea/tricks. Thanks for sharing, Looking forward for more ideas.



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