Monday, September 10, 2012

How do I make my sun room feel finished?

Sun room
The darker furniture pieces help anchor this large sunroom
Dear Dawn,
I have a sun room that was added on to my home several years ago. Once all the work was done I realized it was a challenge to not only decorate, but for some reason it still feels like it is in a state of transition, and not a finished room. Where am I going wrong?
Leslie, Ft. Wayne

Dear Leslie,
One mistake a lot of people make with their sun rooms is making them too different from the rest of the home. If you want your sun room to feel more integrated and finished, you should try a few of the tips listed below:

Pull color from adjoining rooms 
A sun room feels less like an addition when you pull color from the rest of your home into the space. This doesn't mean you have to use the exact color, but using lighter shades in an existing color already present in the home should help the room feel integrated. Try to find furniture that is similar to what your already have and love as well. Don't be lured into buying furniture that looks like "sun room furniture" that looks picture perfect but isn't user friendly or comfortable. This could keep the room feeling not only unwelcoming, but disconnected from the home.

Anchor the room
So many times, we see sun rooms that are light and lovely to look at, but they still feel like a glorified enclosed porch. While sun rooms should be filled with light many times people forget that a few visually heavy pieces can be just the anchor a sun room needs. So what exactly are visually heavy pieces? This can be items with strong presence in the room either in size, color, or texture. With all the strong light usually present in a sun room, you may feel the room has a light, ethereal, floaty feeling that doesn't really say, come on in and get comfortable. Adding a few dark furniture pieces, a bold print rug, or some texturally interesting pieces should help "settle the room down" and make it feel like it has substance.

Make sure the temperature is under control
Believe it or not, humans are extremely sensitive to fluctuations in temperature. A few degrees in either direction can be all it takes to make a room less appealing. Sun rooms that tend to be too warm in summer and too cold in winter will not be utilized to the fullest. If you haven't done so yet, look into adding heating and air conditioning to the space. Light control is important in keeping a room from feeling too warm during peak sunlight hours. Investing in window blinds may be a way to help stabilize the temperature in the room. Consider adding additional sources of heat  and air with electric fireplaces, and ceiling fans as well. 

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