Thursday, August 2, 2012

Reader Inquiry: How to cover water heaters

Old Water HeaterOld Water Heater (Photo credit: smysnbrg)

Water heaters are unsightly and as such usually are located in a closet or room that is usually utilitarian in nature. However, you may still feel it needs to be covered. My suggestion is to either invest in a Shoji screen/room divider like these:

You can also easily build your own room dividers by using louvered door panels that are attached via piano hinges. Piano hinges run the length of the screen or a good portion of it and are fairly sturdy. See Below examples:

Yet another solution may be to simply use a tension rod and hang an attractive drape in front of the offending water heater. Tension rods are great because they can adjust to the size you need very easily. You can use shower curtains with rings,(clip rings are a great way to convert an ordinary flat sheet into a drape) drapes with large grommets or tabs, or a sheet with clip rings attached. See examples below:

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