Friday, May 25, 2012

Finding kitchen inspirations that make financial sense

It is easy to go crazy when it comes to updating your kitchen. However, more important than just getting what you want, you have to factor what makes sense in the financial realm as well. Kitchens are the heart of the home, and as such have to be given the greatest priority in renovation and design. So knowing what is financially savvy is important for long term reward.

Trends Trends come and go, so be leery of jumping on a trend train. Look for timeless upgrades that will keep their value and public appreciation throughout the ages. Timeless design never goes out of style, and this is a wise move in design financially.

Hardware In a kitchen there are many different ways to update a look simply through the various finishes supplied by the hardware. Whether it's faucets, lighting, or cabinet pulls, make sure to be consistent. Pick a finish and use it throughout the design for a polished and professional result. Don't get stuck purchasing from just one place, sometimes the best deals on items come from casting a wide net. Ebay, Amazon and other online outlets often have great prices on bulk items like kitchen drawer pulls and handles.

Pick a look you already live with
 We all have our tastes in design. Some may love vintage, old world, while others appreciate the clean lines of modern design. Thumb through magazines, and save pictures of designs that speak to you. Walk through your home and look for recurring themes in patterns, textures, colors and style. Chances are these are choices you can apply to your kitchen design that you will be able to live with for a long time. Financially this means you'll live with the look a long time and be less likely to grow tired of it. That means less money spent changing things later.

Open concepts
 If your home is an open concept design, you'll need to make sure that the small details make sense.  While the kitchen doesn't have to mirror the room it is open to, it is important that it compliment the room it is connected to. Find common finishes, colors and textures to tie the rooms together. For example, if your living room is open to your kitchen and is primarily traditional in furnishings and colors, don't be afraid to go modern or contemporary in your kitchen, just make sure both rooms share common ground in colors or finishes.  A contemporary lamp with an oil rubbed bronze base, will still still compliment an Old World style oil rubbed lighting fixture because both share the same finish, just a different design aesthetic.

Enjoy your project and see the video below for more great practical tips:



  1. Pinterest is such a useful tool for finding decorating ideas ... I have my perfect kitchen in mind ... maybe someday.

  2. You're right. Hope you're doing well :)


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