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Holiday decorating and color choices


With the onset of the holidays in full swing the urge to decorate our homes is the best way to get into the holiday spirit. However, there are homeowners that are intimidated by things like color. Being intimidated by the bold colors of the holidays send some of us into a tail spin. Do I use red and green in a beige room? Will my color choices clash and be tacky with everything else in the room?
There are a few things we can do to pull off a classy, polished and well designed room or, if it suits you an old fashioned and . The first thing we have to decide is which way you want it to go, and what sort of result do you want. Do you want magical timeless and classy, or do you prefer warm, old fashioned and homespun. Perhaps you'd like to add a little modern flare to the decorating scheme.
My suggestions:
For classy and polished

Our Christmas tree at night.Image via WikipediaThis look screams magical and embodies the glow and magic that we associate with the holidays. It is flexible and the easiest because it will automatically work with your existing design scheme.
Keep colors simple, and let sparkles rule the design choices. Metallic ornaments, clear crystals, golds, and silvers and soft shades of white will give your holiday room a sparkle and refinement that will merge well with most existing designs. Use clear lights on your tree and make sure to repeat your lighting and color choices throughout the space. Keep colors to a minimum, no more than three ideally.

Designer tip- Don't be afraid to be creative. Use old jewelry to decorate mantle garlands, lamp shades, and even candles. Old dangling earrings look great hung from clear beaded garlands, and pearl strings. Just because you're going for classy and polished doesn't mean you can't be creative and use some of those wonderful jewelry pieces that have lost their mates in your jewelry box. For

For old fashioned and homespun
 A Christmas tree in the United States.Image via Wikipedia
Its all about home made and nature inspired décor.
When we think of the holidays from our youth, many times we remember that our parents decorated with reds, greens and every other color of the rainbow. Little focus was given as to whether it matched an existing décor scheme, and somehow, it always felt warm and welcoming. Didn't it?
You really can't go wrong with traditional colors if this is the look you desire. If it is somehow clashing with other things in the room, consider removing those things temporarily so that you won't feel uncomfortable with the end result. Using natural materials and homemade items in a room are an inexpensive way to get a great homespun holiday feel. Decorate mantles with pine branches, real pine cones, and candles. Drill three shallow holes in logs and inset tea light candles, fill baskets with pine cones, nuts and seed pods. Use lots of red and green checked and plaid ribbon as well. Chunky cuts of logs can be placed on your mantle and a great pedestal for large candles. Peppermint oils, nutmeg and cinnamon sprinkled in baskets and vessels of pot pourrie will keep the smells of the holiday season in mind too. No baskets? Use clay pots and sit around your fireplace hearth, fill with cinnamon sticks, twigs and pine branches, and as always, finish off with raffia, or great old fashioned ribbon. If you are using a natural Christmas tree, save any branches that you may have trimmed off for decorating.

Designer tip: Polish up old candles and restore their shine and luster with a little vegetable oil on a soft cloth.

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