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Pulling together a room design with your local Pier 1 Import store

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Luckily for those living in South Carolina, we have a plethora of furniture stores to chose beautiful furnishings from. Pier One Imports currently has 9 stores located through out South Carolina and other states, check the website for one closest to you.

The Sofa
Pier 1 Imports, Abby Sofa
This sofa is moderately priced, and has great lines that add immediate style to the room you are outfitting.
See Abby Sofa. Resist the urge to always buy living rooms, dens etc in bulk packages.

Arm chairs
Pier 1 Imports Abby arm chair

This matching arm chair repeats the same clean soft curves as its sofa counterpart for $499.95.
See:  Abby Arm Chair,

Pier 1 Imports Orient Bird  lamp
Lighting in a room is also an important decorative factor. This lamp is a lovely compliment to the Abby sofa and Arm Chair. See: Orient Bird Lamp This lamp picks up the great dark finish of the coffee table.

Coffee and End Tables
Pier 1 Imports Dexter coffee table
The soft curves found in the Abby sofa and Abby Arm chair, as well as the lamps suggested here will compliment this coffee table that also has soft curved legs and a bold anchor color that looks great in a neutrally furnished room. See: Dexter Coffee Table also  from Pier One Imports. Also see: Dexter End Tables
Pier 1 Imports Dexter end table

Wall décor
Pier 1 Imports hand painted plates
Finding wall décor that will compliment the living room suggestions listed here in this article is easy if you remember a few key things. The big pieces are neutral, soft curves, the lamps are also curved with a leaf motiff, and the tables are softly curve with a dark finish. So naturally wall décor have has curves, a dark finish and a floral feel to it can only add to the style going on in this room. See Scroll Burst wall décor
If you are in the mood for pops of color, try this for a great compliment to this living room by adding this lovely wall art, see: Hand Painted Plates Wall décor

Pier 1 Imports Green Ombre Paisley Pillow
Most sofas look lovely without them but for decorative purposes pillows can go a long way to help a room have some additional personality. These pillows add soft color that is reflected in all the decorative pieces chosen for this room. Green Ombre Paisley Pillow

Area rug
Pier 1 Imports Blue and Brown wavy rug
Looking for a super cool area rug to pull it all together? There are two schools of thought here you can either pick up the bold colors from the vases, plates and pillows with this: Blue and Brown wavy rug
This rug will pick up the lovely colors found in the accents for the walls and in the pillows.

Or anchor the room with this simple area rug...
Pier 1 Imports Wool Border Jute Rug
This rug will pick up on the dark finish of the coffee and end tables featured in this article beautifully.
Wool Border Jute Rug

More suggested accents for this living  room ensemble

More wall art...

Pier 1 Imports Metal Plates Votive Sconce

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