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The best way to decorate a Christmas tree

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Christmas trees are a beautiful sight to behold during the holidays. With all the ornaments, lights and special touches any tree can be transformed into a magical symbol of peace on earth and good will. Decorating a tree is another thing all together. It is a lot of work to decorate a Christmas tree but keeping it organized and simple will yield the best results. If you live in South Carolina and would love to purchase and pick out your very own live tree, see the *link at the bottom of this article for where to go.

Here's a few suggestions on decorating your tree:

 Artificial tree tips:

  1. If you have an artificial tree, take the tree out and assemble at least one day ahead to allow the tree to expand fully. Don't decorate.
  2. Straighten all limbs out starting from the bottom and going around the tree one level at a time. Make sure you have ample space all around so that you and others can move around your tree easily.
  3. Pre-lit trees need to be checked ahead of time for faulty bulbs and connections.
  4. If your tree isn't pre lit, consider using LED lights. These should go on your tree first. If you plug them in as you wrap them around the tree you will easily spot any gaps or sags in the line.
  5. Order of decorations to place beginning with lights : Lights, pearls, garlands,ribbons, ornaments, topper
  6. Work from the bottom up, Using larger ornaments at the bottom, medium through the middle, and smallest ornaments at the top.
  7. Finish off with all your decorative holly sticks, Poinsettia, etc.
  8. Always turn off your tree lights before going to bed.

Real tree tips:

    1. Trim the trunk of your tree at the bottom before bringing into the home. Water trunk with your hose immediately after trimming.
    2. While outside, place tree after trimming the trunk temporarily into its stand with water and examine the tree for any problems.
    3. Before placing live tree in your home, spread out newspapers on the floor to allow for trimming of the branches and for any excess needles to fall, it will make clean up easier.
    4. Make sure to keep your tree watered and check often. Large trees need a good deal of water to keep from drying out and place tree away from any heat registers or fireplaces to keep them from drying out prematurely.
    5. You may want to give your live tree a day of rest and expansion before decorating. When live trees are purchased bound up, they, like artificial trees get a little fuller if allowed a little time to spread out. This will also reveal any hidden wonky branches that may need trimming off.
    6. Follow above steps 5-8 for decorating your live tree

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