Thursday, July 7, 2011

DIY Network Ugliest Kitchen Contest underway

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DIY Network Ugliest Kitchen Contest underway
If you live in South Carolina and can‘t wait to win a contest, see : Old South Furniture Stripping, Restoration and  Refinishing. This company specializes in refinishing kitchen cabinetry. For those who have an ugly kitchen that needs help from top to bottom, entering this year’s DIY Ugliest Kitchen in America could mean a dream come true.

Does your kitchen get laughs? Do people avoid eating at your home because they can't imagine good food coming out of your appliances? Are roaches leaving your kitchen in search of decent accommodations? Well fret no more, DIY network along with Food Network Magazine is searching for the ugliest kitchen in America.  Your kitchen could be up for a complete kitchen renovation with the DIY network experts
not to mention a trip to New York City Wine and Food Festival. To enter, submit a video or photos of your kitchen and tell us why you need a renovation. Contest ends August 8, 2011.  To enter your kitchen and for  a list of complete contest rules visit : DIY Worst Kitchen In America Upload. See the link at the bottom of this article to view past  DIY  Network’s Ugly Kitchen Contest winners.

Now if you  aren’t lucky enough to enter this years Ugliest Kitchen Contest, or lets just say your kitchen isn’t ugly enough, check out this link on the top kitchen renovation articles: Top Kitchen Renovation Articles.  If your kitchen is simply in need of flooring, you may benefit from these articles, such as : Flooring upgrades that impact value, or  Counter top options for kitchen and bath, which can give you  a little knowledge and  information on the vast choices at your disposal.  If your budget is tight, you may benefit from laminate counter restoration, so be sure to check out this article on the latest product available for your outdated counter tops here:  Laminate counter top restoration.  

To view past ugly kitchen winners, visit: DIY Worst Kitchens in America Episodes
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  1. You know, that kitchen in the picture might look horrific at first, but the appliances and the utensils are distinct and unique. If an experienced designer walks into that room, I'm sure he or she will have a blast rearranging them all!

  2. Oh absolutely, vintage appliances are gorgeous, its actually the rest of the space that needs addressing. I had a hard time finding an ugly kitchen that I could use for this article. Have to be careful not to offend people. :)


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