Friday, July 15, 2011

Removing "popcorn" ceilings

If you watch interior design shows, home hunting shows, etc. one thing you will see time and time again is homeowners and buyers with a strong aversion to the dreaded, "popcorn" ceiling. Popcorn ceilings were popular in past decades for adding texture to what seemed at the time a bland overlooked surface in the home. If you live in South Carolina, and want to have your home checked for lead, asbestos etc. see the link at the bottom of this article. Like many design tactics, it was a design feature that would come back to haunt homeowners later on. The question is should you remove it, or leave it and avoid the mess and time it would take to remove? Before you make a decision, it is best to ask and answer the following questions.

Is your home older than 1978?
Homes built prior to 1978 used lead in the paints, removing a popcorn textured ceiling may seem like an easy update to your home, but if the ceiling was painted (and most were) it could have lead in the paint. What does this mean to you? Scraping, sanding, and repairing could release lead particles and allow them to become air born. Exposure can occur from deteriorating lead-based paint, pipes, or lead-contaminated dust or soil.

Was your home built prior to 1985?
Asbestos was banned for use in building materials in 1985, however, for homes built prior to 1985 asbestos was used in almost every aspect of building materials from insulation, to floor tiles, roof coverings, and siding. Removing the "popcorn" textured ceiling could result in gouging out part of the ceiling, and causing asbestos to become air born. If there is any asbestos, experts recommend having the ceiling removed by professionals, or go over the existing ceiling with fresh drywall.

If you live in South Carolina, and  you think your home may have asbestos or lead you need to see: EnviroDemo Contractors before you take on any construction project, even removing popcorn ceilings.
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