Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HGTV helps you become your own designer

Dawn Gagnon bedroom style board

If you love interior decorating and designing you will love the HGTV websites newest design tool Style boards.  Style boards allow you to use a wide assortment of backgrounds, and accessories to create a style board just like Interior decorators and designers use in their client presentations. These tools will let you put together a dream room, whether it is a new sleek designed kitchen, or a fabulous master bedroom retreat, you are only limited by your imagination. The accessories are expansive, including drapes, candles, chandeliers, area rugs, beds, headboards, etc.

Even if you are not able to purchase the items used in your own custom style board, it can be a great way to visualize your own style, and become inspired to create a space for yourself using the style board as a reference and template for
your real design. Whether you are in the market to renovate or redesign or not, the HGTV style board is a lot of fun to use and a great way to help you understand your likes and dislikes. Once completed, you can "publish" your creation and
have other decorating and design enthusiasts see your ideas.
To try out this fun application, simply visit : HGTV Style board and get started planning your next dream room.
Each of these designs are created at HGTV using their available tools to customize a room to suit your tastes. Even if you can't buy the items used in your creation, the inspiration to create something similar will spark your imagination and get you dreaming of what you can do with your own space.


My examples:

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