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Top home decorating articles

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Columbia South Carolina offers home decorators choices
Whether you are decorating your first home or renovating an older fixer upper, Columbia South Carolina offers a wide range of shopping possibilities. Columbia has a wide variety of antique malls throughout the city. These malls all offer beautiful selections in antiques, but also have a wide selection of other beautiful items to make your home special. Read more here:

How to avoid big mistakes in home decor 
We have all been there, we went out and bought up every Holstein cow canister, or country geese salt and pepper shaker complete with matching curtains, and place mats, only to see a few years later someone on TV say, that look is dated. This article will help you avoid that again..Read on :

How to find the best deals on home decor
Interior decorators and designers alike, strive to work with in the constraints of a budget. That being said, it is important to know where to go to get high end looks without spending all of your clients money. Here are a few tips for getting great things at great prices. Read more here:
How to find the best deals on home decor

Decorating for the potential buyer of your home
Decorating for the potential buyer of your home is an important marketing  strategy.  Fortunately it is very easy to do, once you learn to detach from your home yourself. In a down housing market, sellers have to use every possible tool to get their home sold. Read more about how to do this here:
Decorating for the potential buyer of your home
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