Monday, October 25, 2010

Tips For Cleaning the Kitchen in Less Time

Collect Your Cleaning Supplies
Before you can begin cleaning anything, you will need to collect all the necessary cleaning supplies. Cleaning your kitchen can be done efficiently and effectively in very little time if you organize your cleaning supplies. You will need a good oven cleaner, several scrub rags, some sort of scrubbers, an abrasive cleaner, a small bucket of hot soapy water and one good all purpose cleaner. Your choice of cleaning products is a personal decision. Some people want to purchase only “green” products, while some other people have specific cleaners that they have been using for eons and they don’t want to change. Some people clean everything with vinegar, some others swear by baking soda. It really doesn’t matter what kind of cleaner you choose to use, as long as it does the job you need it to do. If it works for you, that’s the one you need to use.
Where to  Begin
Always start at the top of any room you clean. Use a duster with an extended handle or a mop with a clean rag wrapped around it and pinned to keep it secure. Go all the way around the room to remove any cobwebs. You can also clean your ceiling fan this way, if you have one. Sometimes the ceiling fan collects grease from preparing greasy foods and you will need to scrub the fan blades with your all purpose cleaner to remove the grease. With a clean cloth, wipe the chair rail all the way around the room. Use your broom all the way around the baseboards to remove dust and hair. Spray and wipe the top of the refrigerator and cabinets. Wipe the cabinet fronts down to remove spatter and debris. Wipe the counter tops down with your all purpose cleaner. Wipe the fronts of all your bottom cabinets. Scour the sink and rinse thoroughly. Wipe off your table and chairs if you have a set in your kitchen. Sweep and scrub the floor according to the type of floor you have.
Use This for That
Use caution to use the right cleaner for the job you are doing. While most of the cleaners are considered all purpose and they will clean almost anything, there are situations where you will need to use a degreaser for problem areas and of course you will need to use an oven cleaner for spills in the oven. Most cleaners work better when the spray is allowed to set for a few minutes before you begin to clean. Oven cleaner usually will work better if you spray it on, and then turn the oven on to about 200 degrees for about 30 minutes before you begin to clean. Never spray oven cleaner onto hot elements! For extremely bad tub bottoms in bathrooms you can spray on some oven cleaner and let it set. Be sure you remove all  the oven cleaner by rinsing thoroughly before the next use.
Store it all Close-By
Create your self a box or basket with all of your cleaning supplies in it where it’s easy to grab when it’s time to clean. Keep this box very organized and return your scrub rags back to the box as soon as they are cleaned and dry.
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  1. These are excellent suggestions and advice for cleaning rooms from top to bottom. I'll admit, I usually forget to dust the ceiling fans as part of my cleaning routine. I need to do this more often. I'm short:)5'2", so I have to use a ladder to reach my ceiling fans. I'm going to purchase one of those dusters with a handle that extends like you mentioned in your article. Thanks for the excellent ideas and advice.


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