Sunday, October 3, 2010

Decorating for the potential buyer of your home

Decorating for the potential buyer of your home that is up for market is an important marketing strategy. Fortunately it is very easy to do, once you learn to detach from your home yourself. In a down housing market, sellers have to use every possible tool to get their home sold. This involves using every tool to your advantage. One tool that is definitely needed is decorating for the potential buyer. What does this involve and why do it? Well it involves obviously making the home neutral in regards to decor, and the reason you need to do it is so that the new buyer can envision themselves in your home. There are a few things you can do to make this happen, provided you are willing to de-personalize and separate emotionally from your home to get it sold.

1. Start packing- 
Whether you pack today or wait until your home is sold the bottom line is you still  have to pack. The benefit of doing so earlier is you start the process for separating yourself emotionally from your home. After all, once it sells it is no longer your home, the sooner you remove things from your home that make it your home the easier new buyers can bond to it.

2. Decorate in non taste specific ways- 
This involves using things you'd find anywhere, in any home like setting. Pictures should be more along the lines of places and things and less family photos. Photos of family members scream to the buyer "this is our home". We want the buyer to say, "this home suits me perfectly". Think about decor that can go into any home. What would it look like? Just make sure it all relates to the overall look of the home. Keep the color family of the decor similar to each other. In other words if the color pallet of the walls, flooring and furnishings are neutrals, decor should be neutral too, keep metals all the same. Dark oil rubbed iron wall grilles, pair up well with dark wooden candle pedestals. Pewter candlesticks go well with a ceiling fan that may have a brushed Nickel finish on the hard ware.

3. Check those closets-

Seeing too much of other peoples belongings may send the message that it will take you forever to get out of the home. Pack away seasonal clothing, use space saving hangers, and reduce the visual impact. Not only does this make closets seem larger but it also lets a potential buyer know you are ready to make it happen. A home packed to the rim with all of your stuff gives the impression you aren't going anywhere. Even though a buyer knows you are selling, if they don't see you clearing out, they may opt for a new home that is move in ready.

4. Remove non essentials and put into storage-
If you can renting a storage unit to store all your non essential items, furniture etc. may be a wise choice. If your home sells it is just one step less in the whole process and can actually allow for you to get out by closing. It may cost you to do this, but spending a little now could pull in the offer you want. Having a storage unit can also allow you the time you need to find your next place. All too often once a home sells the buyer is pressured for time to find the next home, and not be subjected to rental fees to the new home owner. This can lead to purchasing a home on the "fly" and then having regret later. Shopping for your home is a major step, and it should not be done on the spur of the moment. Who needs that kind of pressure?

5. Odors-

You may not realize it, but a major turn off to a potential buyer may be the way your home smells. Research shows that the human body is often unable to notice a smell after 15 minutes, so homeowners may not realize that there home is less than fresh smelling. Pets, smokers, and even things like using moth balls can repulse a buyer and if your home doesn't smell like home to them, its harder for them to want to be in it. For the smokers in the home, it is well advised that they start smoking outside during the time you sell your home.  Numerous research has suggested that 9 out of 10 people find the smell of cigars and cigarette smoke offensive. 7 out of 10 people find pets smells like litter boxes offensive as well. If you live with pets, make sure they are professionally groomed, and if you can, get your home steam cleaned, including drapes, and upholstery. Keep litter boxes clean and change after each use. It may be a hassle but it really is necessary.

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