Friday, October 15, 2010

Ten great housewarming gifts

giftsImage via WikipediaWhenever a friend or family member buys a new home they are usually overwhelmed with the huge undertaking involved with moving in a new place. Thoughtful housewarming gifts can be a great way to help them during what can be a stressful time.
1. Fire extinguisher- In many instances, it takes weeks to unpack all of the necessities we need during a move. A handy fire extinguisher in the kitchen may be something the home owner hasn't even given thought to, but nonetheless, it is an important and handy thing to have on hand.

2. Restaurant gift certificates- One thing many homeowners don't want to do is have to cook while in the moving process. The exhaustion from the move will leave them starving but with little energy to cook. This is a nice treat for new home owners. Make sure the certificates are for informal family style restaurants.

3. Paper plates, hot and cold cups, and plastic utensils- These simple items will help  new home owners settle into their new home easily while still unpacking dishes and pots.

4. Candles, matches, and bottled water- Sometimes the electricity is shut off during a move, and many home owners don't know where their own flashlights, candles, etc are until well settled. This is something hands on they may need without having to look into all those boxes to find them.

5. First aid kit-
It is not uncommon for home owners to have accidents during a move. Having a handy first aid kit available, especially if the homeowner has children is a great way for them to take care of accidents without wondering where they packed the bandages.

6. A set of plain white towels, washcloths, hand sanitizer and soap-
As mentioned, moving into a home is a long process. It can take weeks to find everything one packed away. A great housewarming gift is a set of four or five bath towels to help them until they settle in. White goes with everything, and are easy to identify as being soiled.

7. Home cooked casserole meals- Another great gift is to bring over a covered dish, that can be easily heated in a microwave. When there is so much work to do this will make the evening meal a relief.

8. Note pads, pens,measuring tape and a calculator-
These items may seem strange, but it is handy to have a way to make a list for things you may need during a move. A calculator and measuring tape can be a huge help when figuring out what items will fit where. It is also handy for calculating costs involved with home improvements of all kinds.

9. A few boxes of light bulbs and batteries- Having some fresh light bulbs when moving into a new home will keep you one step ahead of the game. It is also a good to have a various assortment of batteries for things like clocks, flashlights, and smoke alarms.

10. House warming care package- A care package with all of the above listed items is a great housewarming gift. Throw in paper towels and a few cleaning products and you will have a housewarming care package that will be practical thoughtful and very appreciated.

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