Tuesday, September 28, 2010

********How to avoid big mistakes in home decor

We have all been there, we went out and bought up every Holstein cow canister, or country geese salt and pepper shaker, complete with matching curtains, and place mats, only to see a few years later someone on TV say, that look is dated. This article will help you avoid that again.. Only do the work you are qualified to do when renovating or redesigning. Saving a few bucks doing the work yourself, only to find out you did it wrong can be cost a fortune to have redone, you end up being in the hole. Try to do a sample first.
If you are not a professional, do not by any means listen to any designer that tells you to avoid beige, whites and neutrals.
These are safe color choices for those who are not trained and are usually regret free. If you are aching for colors, use them with accessories like pillows, prints, etc.
Avoid theme rooms that are permanent or costly to change. A Lion King bedroom for your son can be extremely costly, and in 1 to 2 years he will be a fan of something else. Use removable decor for youngsters. They will change their passions often. Paying a large sum of money for something that will be painted over later is a waste.
Avoid current fads in color, and decor. A few years back everyone was nuts for Holstein cows, and lets not forget country geese and country blue was everywhere. Not long after that, burgundy and hunter green anything was all the rage. Please. please, anything large in your home should be neutral, accessories like throw pillows, curtains, area rugs can be more personal and colorful. Just make sure when trends change, you aren't in a corner with going too far with a fad.
Do not think that every piece of furniture should be set at an angle. This is something a lot of designers love to do, however if your room is small this arrangement will make the room seem smaller and it can very well throw off the balance, and this can make the room feel odd. The same goes for area rugs. Designers do some odd things, don't do everything just because they do it on TV. There are bad designers out there and I have seen them on many shows, leaving the client crying.
If you got a one shot chance at making a big difference in your home, kitchen is the number one most important room. The three biggest factors for consideration are counter tops, flooring, cabinets. If your kitchen is all set, please update those bathrooms. All else can wait. It is almost wasted time and money when home owners do the easy things like changing wall color or having different flooring installed and completely neglect kitchen and bathroo
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