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How to find inspiration for color in your room

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How to find inspiration for color in your room






Finding three bold colors in your room to inspire you is easy with a little know how.
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When deciding my color choices in a room, It's a great idea  to use what is already in the room. Often  our own decor can give us the greatest help when we need to decide on what color to paint a room that will not only appeal to us, but also enhance the existing decor elements.

Existing decor-
The decor you already have in your home is no doubt already an appealing aspect to you in the room. Using what you already have   is a great way to find the color you need to bring them out. There are methods  that can help you decide.  Start by picking  three accessories that you use already in the room as decor. Whether its a beautiful planter, a candle, or a vase, usually they all have at least one primary color that you really love  in them. Now from these three items you can probably find what I call the "dominant neutral". How do we determine this? Here is an example: Lets say your choices are the following, One red vase, one dark brown picture frame, one white marble bookend. Your three colors here are red, brown and white. Now if you were to blend these three colors you'd end up with a warm beige. This is now your dominant neutral. I'd use this color as the dominant color of the room with brown, red or white as the accent wall or second dominant color, with the third color a good choice for trim.

Existing artwork-
Here again, you can use the method described in step one of this article to ascertain what dominant neutral you want. Three appeal color choices pulled from perhaps one piece of artwork, or several. A simple trick to help you may be to either go to a paint store and get three samples of paint in the same colors and hold them up to the neutral colors on display to see which one they all merge best with. You can also take all three colors and mix them equally to see if they product a neutral. If they don't quite produce a neutral adding white paint to this to get a neutral shade is an easy fix and now you will have a great dominant neutral based on a combination of the three colors pulled from your artwork. A good trick for those who are somewhat color challenged. You may sometimes get a pastel from this and it too can act as the unifying neutralizer in the room.

Old World Lure-
Many of us, including myself are drawn to the styles of old world design. As such many of us may have some reminders of these eras already in place in our homes. We can always and should always research online for colors that were available during those times as a guideline for use to tie in these elements in our home. A good way to do this is view existing artwork from people that either currently live in these areas or past works of art that is displayed in museums, magazines, and books with art in them. The further back you go the more you will see that the colors available in those times was limited, however this is what makes some of these design elements so refined and sophisticated. Do a lot of research. Whether you love the style of Native American, Greek, African or Rome, a little research in those areas can be a great inspiration for your color scheme. Just remember the dominant neutral rule in most cases. I would say, if you are not planning on selling your home within the next ten years to go a free as you wish with your color pallet. Your home is an expression of things you love and as such should make you feel at peace with your environment. You work too hard not to have things as you love them.

Sometimes the easiest and safest color scheme to choose is pulled from the fabrics in the room. Whether it is from the couch, a chair, the drapes or decorative pillows this may be your ultimate safest bet. You can sometimes mix and match picking one decorative accessory, one color from a painting, one color from the fabrics. The only real rules is to try and find the color scheme that will work for all three colors, unify and neutralize at the same time. Simply choose the three colors in paint samples and mix. Then add white paint until the color gets pale, how pale is up to you.

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