Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring cleaning and organizing

Messy Garage

To keep your home clutter free there are yearly habits that should be implemented that will allow for your home to look its best. Additionally, doing a little organizing will also make your day to day life function decidedly better as well.

1. Pack up Winter clothes-
Even if you have ample closet space, by the time Spring arrives it is time to go through the closets, dressers and drawers and pack away winter clothing. By doing this, you free up valuable space for your lighter clothing. It also helps you have a current inventory of what you have vs. what you may need for the Spring and Summer months.
2. Garage clean up equals money-
Garages get overloaded as the years go by and no time is better than the Spring to give your garage a good clean out. If you have a truck use the flat bed for all items you plan on discarding. Make sections in your driveway for Keeping, Donating, and Selling. Once your Donate section is full go ahead and take that to the people/places that will be using your donated items. By doing this, you will keep each section from overflowing. Do the same with items you will be discarding, each time your truck is full make a run to your landfill. Many landfills have separate recycling bins for wood, plastics, and scrap metal. You may want to separate your items ahead of time in the same categories and take them individually to the landfill.
3. Attic Discoveries-
You can do attics next since they tend to have less stored in them than garages. Attic space is an ideal place to store things you may need through out the year. Pay close attention to what you may want to store in an attic vs. the garage. Clean your attic out by removing all things that are not needed in one years time and relocate them to the garage. Holiday decorations, and Seasonal clothing are well suited for the attic as you can more conveniently access them when you need them.
4. Invest in more storage-
If you have a yard, you may want to consider an additional storage unit ie: Utility building or shed. These are ideal for storing things like Riding and push lawnmowers, garden tools, etc. For anywhere from $500.00 and up you can add not only storage but value to your home. Outbuildings and storage buildings are considered property improvements. If you were to have your home appraised, these buildings would be factored into your home's value right along with your fence, etc.

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  1. Hello Dawn! Good to hear from you! Your blog layout is lovely. I like the colors too.

    Some good advice in this post. Of course, since moving to Denmark everything I own is in a 5x10 storage unit in the States, aside from the couch, table, and bed in my teeny tiny Danish apartment. So I have nothing to rummage through at the moment.

    Sorry about all your hospital mishaps! They sounded horrible! Here's to hoping you have no more of them ever!

  2. Hey there I am so glad to hear from you, Love your blog and your sense of humor! Keep writing and I'll keep reading!


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