Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lightening up a dark room

Up lights can do a lot for a dark space

If you are like most homeowners you have at least one “problem” room in your home. Dark spaces can feel dank, depressing and usually wont be used as much. To brighten up these dark rooms there are a few tricks that can be utilized to maximize low light areas.

  1. Paint the ceiling in a semi gloss paint- If it is popcorn, you may want to consider scraping it. Before you do, read: Popcorn ceiling removal.
  2. Paint walls in a semi gloss- Keep in mind that your walls need to be in pretty good shape as with all reflective paints, they will also highlight marks, dings, and scrapes that a matte paint can conceal.
  3. Use “up lights”- Up-lights are cylindrical lightening fixtures that sit on the floor and cast a light upwards into the room. When you paint your ceiling in a semi gloss paint, the ceiling will reflect off of the up lights and back down into the room creating more light overall.
  4. Place mirrors strategically- Mirrors do well to reflect any light source in the room provided you place them where they can reflect the most light. That means trying out different spots in the room, and in some cases placing a mirror opposite of a window, light or doorway.
  5. Use a monochromatic design scheme- While a monochromatic design scheme can't place light into the room, lighter neutral shades give the room a lighter feel and can keep the room from feeling darker.
  6. Use fabrics with a sheen- There are a lot of fabrics out there that cast a sheen, they usually make for great pillow covers,drapes and furniture covers. When it comes to a dark room you have to seize all ideas available to brighten the space up.
  7. Windows- Adding a window to a room can do a lot to brighten it up, however, if you don't have that in your budget, simply use a faux mirror window like the one shown in the Amazon link below.
  8. Metallics- Metallics have a reflective surface and here again, will aid in having light bounce around a space. Using metallic lamp bases, picture frames, vases, and other accessories will all help in chasing darkness from a room. When using metallics in conjunction with the other suggestions listed here, you will increase the light in a dark space dramatically. Reflective wall art done in chromes and silvers can do so much to add more light where there was none, give it a try.

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