Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Furnishing small spaces

Of all the spaces that offer a challenge in furnishing small spaces are more than likely the most difficult.
  1. Opt for a loveseat instead of a couch. Loveseats are about a foot smaller than a couch but for a small space it is by far a better choice than trying to put in one large piece. Smaller spaces usually mean smaller walls, so pairing down your sofa to a loveseat may be the ideal solution. Look for straight clean lines and good quality. Over sized furniture will overpower the room and leave you little wiggle room.
  2. Replace your coffee table with a storage trunk or ottoman. We all know small spaces lack storage so any time you can find a piece that serves dual duty you'll be far ahead of the game. Make sure to do this in every space of your small home. Always seek out multifunctional pieces.
  3. Use floor lamps to flank your furniture. Tight spaces can't always accommodate side tables and end tables, however in most cases you still need lighting. Floor lamps can fit into a tight space and offer you the lighting you need.
  4. Opt for one large piece that serves as the only seating. Sometimes more is best depending on the individual layout of the room. In these cases a sectional may prove the best option and allow for the most seating with no additional furniture required. Chose models that have built in storage, and fold down drink holders etc.
  5. Raise up your bed. If you can manage, raising up your bed a little more will allow you to have additional storage underneath. Use luggage to store seasoning clothing and extra blankets etc.
  6. Keep your chest of drawers and get rid of the dresser. While dressers usually come with mirrors, They usually take up far more wall space. Mount a full length mirror to a door or wall and use a chest of drawers in a small space instead. If you are handy, many drawers from dressers can be outfitted with rolling casters on the bottom allowing drawers to slide under your bed for easy access.

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