Thursday, January 3, 2013

Using astrology with design concepts

Cancer (Photo credit: Marjorie Lipan)
If you are ready for a change in your home, or maybe just a room in your home you may want to consider thinking outside the box. Way outside the box, using your own astrological signs to guide you in the decor and design concept. Sound crazy? Well why not give it a try. The first step in any good design idea is to study the client, and in this case the client is you. Look up your sun sign and your rising sign and you may discover there is a lot of information about you that you were unaware of. Colors that are compatible with your sign, design concepts that nourish you on deeper levels can also be discovered and put to use.

What is my rising sign?
We all have two signs, your sun sign and your rising or ascending sign. To learn your rising sign, you must know the exact time of your birth and the location, no guessing or approximating. Check your original birth certificate, or birth announcements to see if you can find this information. Once you know this information, there are many sites online that can easily calculate your rising sign. These two signs are actually key components to who you are. This is why many times simple predictions and descriptions you've read about your sign may not have rung true, you're really only getting a fraction of your true complete astrological profile. With that being said, I'd encourage those with broad minds to look up their ascending signs to help fill in the gaps and then read about those signs as well to get a better understanding of the whole "you"  By knowing your ascendant sign, you can study both, and merge the special properties of each one into your design scheme. For instance, a Gemini with a Leo rising would no doubt naturally enjoy sun rooms because of all the windows that allow for the air Gemini craves, and if painted a warm and vibrant shade of orange or gold to keep their Leo side grounded and happy not to mention all that sunlight.

The elements of our signs
Many of us don't realize it, but we can sometimes find the right fit with interior design when we factor in our astrological signs and the elements associated with them. Fire, water, air, earth. To learn more about these elements and how they influence your signs, see the link below. For instance, if your sign is an air sign (Gemini, Aquarius, Libra), than no doubt you would love a space that has lots of windows and fresh air available. If you are designing your home from the ground up knowing these things in advance can be a huge benefit. If your sun sign is one of the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), you may considering having fountains, large jetted tubs, sheltered outdoor spaces that allow you to enjoy even rainy weather. Earth signs like Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn may enjoy and thrive with designs that are practical and multipurpose, and plenty of natural elements around to make them feel their most content.

Colors and the zodiac
Color also has a role in your astrological signs and learning what colors are best for your sign can also have a surprising effect on your mood and happiness. Learning what these colors are can add just the right balance to your home. Finding out what colors represent your sun sign and what are associated with your rising sign can open up a lot of creative possibilities in your home and can no doubt affect how you thrive and flourish on a deeper level. Play around with the possibilities and integrate them in your home's design in various ways and you may be surprised how well it suits you, after all it's in the stars.
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  1. This article is very cool!! Good work!

    1. Thank you Eva, its a fun concept to bring to the table :)


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