Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Why white is a timeless home design color choice

New color trends are emerging in interior design every day. One color that always shows up as a color choice in design is "white." In fact "white" is becoming the primary color in not only kitchens but throughout the home. No longer is "white" being designated as the go to "accent" color in spaces, but taking center stage. Thanks to home improvement shows like "Fixer Uppers" and others we're seeing an increased desire to use white with rustic overtones to create warm, yet timeless design.

refaced cabinets using wall paper
Photography by Dawn Gagnon
 While it's being called a trend right now, it's always been a classic and that means its typically safe on all sides of the coin in design. White, is not a new color in design or decor by any means, but today we're seeing more of it than in recent times and that suggests a desire for tranquil simple aesthetics. 

What makes this trend so popular and workable is that it has many advantages over traditional neutrals. Once you start looking at examples where white takes center stage in a space in homes, you'll see why.

Granted "white" may not be a good fit for everyone. Families with children may shudder at the idea of having too much white in any space. Visions of little hand prints, smudges and mystery smears may frighten many of us from such a color. However, white should not be excluded entirely. For example, contrary to popular belief white flushes out stains, streaks and smudges quite well in kitchens. If you use the right type of paint, clean up can be considerably easier as well.
The kitchen in the photo had cabinets painted in high gloss white. High gloss paints are usually ideal for kitchens and bathrooms for their ability to resist moisture, as well as better adherence to surfaces compared to semi-gloss paints. Clean up is usually superior as well since most any stains and smudges can be wiped off readily with a damp cloth.

Consider safer shades, like antique white if you find bright whites to be too stark. They are softer and warmer and still do a lot to brighten up a space. The chief advantage to all white pallets is the way the highlight your colorful accessories. Nothing will draw attention to your love of color artwork, accessories, and fabrics like white will. It can transition between contemporary and rustic very well too and that makes it extremely versatile for a design choice. 

Next time you're about to re-imagine a space, check out examples of these spaces where white is the primary color and see if it doesn't inspire you to give it a try.

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