Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Home Staging 101: Bed Making

Home staging is an integral part of selling your home. While some rooms in your home may only need a little nudge, many rooms may simply need a little more. When staging a home, one area I see falling short is in bedrooms. Where is the problem most of the time? It's in the owners lack of  bed making know how. It's not simply selling a house, you truly are selling to the potential buyer a lifestyle.

Bear that in mind and let it be the guide point for your inspiration when staging especially in the Master bedroom which should be the epitome of a lifestyle richly deserved. Knowing how to make up a beautiful bed can go a long way in how well your house shows, and what lifestyle the buyer can have if they purchase your home.  Here's a few tips for the home owner on how to address their beds, especially the Master Bedroom which is the star of all bedrooms.

1. Buy good quality bedding. I wont lie, I am a huge fan of Pottery Barn bedding. I love the feel, weight and quality of the bedding they offer and most of what Pottery Barn offers is wonderful with regards to organic materials.
2. Don't just one stop shop. I like to mix up things a bit. You don't have to get everything from one place to have a pulled together look. Look for bedding ensembles that offer you the ability to mix and match, and the option to purchase as many of a particular item as you need. We've all seen King size bedding ensembles that only offer ( 2 ) Euro Shams, and we all know three is needed for King sized beds. Why is the bedding industry not picking up on this? Luckily, Pottery Barn does offer you this option on most of their bedding products. When will the rest of the world catch up? In the photograph, the bed has a Paisley print duvet, solid sheets, and a matelasse coverlet. This keeps things interesting, but I did purchase the matelasse from JCPenney. It's a great way to add soft texture and break up a strong pattern like Paisley.
3. The 3 plus rule works well for King size bedding. What is the 3 plus rule? Simple, Starting at the headboard, 3 Euro Pillows as the background "plus"  2 King Pillows "plus"  2 accents, plus one final accent pillow in the front.  Bear in mind this is one suggestion, you can do others too, its just a good starting place.
4. Keep it simple if you're new at this. If you're a little worried about going all out, just remember to keep it simple. That means, simple colors, simple layers and simple accents. A well made bed does not have to have tons of pillows or lots of textures, but it does need to follow a simple formula. Look on websites, and see how the pros do it and then see if you can find a happy medium. Good luck with your house staging~

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