Sunday, April 21, 2013

Problem Rooms and their solutions

Sun roomSmall spaces
Space too small? You'll be glad to know there are more options today than ever to help you outfit your small space and live comfortably in style. Choosing the right scale furniture is key in creating the feeling of space in a small area. Choosing the right scale décor is also important. Luckily there are furniture stores and manufacturers that are responding to small space living needs. To learn the tips and tricks for your small space, see the link: 'Furnishing small spaces' at the bottom of this article.

Dark rooms
Space too dark? Rooms that lack a source of natural light are always going to be a challenge to lighten up. Luckily though there are things we can do to bring light in a dark space. To brighten up a dark room there are a few designer insider tricks that can be utilized to maximize low light areas. If a room has no natural light we have to find ways to use artificial light and redirect. To learn the tips and tricks be sure to see the link: 'How to lighten up a dark space' below.

Odd shaped rooms
One of the most difficult rooms there is to decorate and design around is the dreaded “odd shaped room.” Whether is off centered windows, an off centered focal point, a strange layout can be a real nightmare. There's good news, you may be surprised to learn that there are very little differences in the design approach. Follow these simple guidelines and you will have a room that makes sense even with a “wonky” layout. See the link: 'Designing and decorating odd shaped rooms' below.

Open space issues
Many homeowners have gravitated towards open concept homes, but many don't realize open spaces can also be a challenge to decorate and design. Sometimes those challenges don't become apparent until after you've moved in. If you have a home that has an open concept, but spaces function in different ways, for example, a living room and dining room combined, it can be a challenge to incorporate separate styles between them and have them exist cohesively. The human eye is trained to spot the inconsistencies in pattern. If your open space has too many of these conflicts in décor, the eye will come to rest on these things. The end result is a space that is not unified, and distracting. To learn how to deal with an open space that isn't functioning see the link: 'How to give open spaces their own style' below.

Can't agree on color
One topic that doesn't get addressed often enough is when you have two people that don't agree on design, décor and color. It can be a hard road to walk when neither party have the same design aesthetic. It is somewhat unnerving to try and find a compromise when you have two completely different tastes in colors working against each other. The end result can be a mixed batch of colors that each clash the same way you and your partner do. Don't fret though, there are ways around this problem. Ideas on how to compromise at found in the link: 'How to find a compromise on color and décor in your home'.

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