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Decorating for the Holidays in 2012

With so many of the nations citizens struggling with economic issues, and hardships, you may believe that worrying about trends is a frivolous affair. However, our environments play a key part in our mental well being and it is in times of struggle that we have to find ways to keep our spirits up, and remind us of our blessings. With that being said, the trends this year have been leaning toward two keywords, “cheerful” and “comforting.” Here are two ways to achieve different effects in your home this year during the holidays.

Cheerful decor- 
Christmas decorations by Albedo 003
Christmas decorations by Albedo 003 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cheerful décor is a means of surrounding yourself with things that you wish to project into your world. Things that are cheerful speak to us, change our demeanor, and thus improve our lives on varying levels. The first thing you have to ask yourself is what puts me in good cheer? What colors make me smile? What do they remind me of? Once you have devised this list, find ways to incorporate these things into your décor. Make a list of colors, objects, animals and things that make you feel happy. Use this list as your inspiration and your theme. Perhaps your decorating theme for autumn and winter months is “new beginnings” or “love and memories.” Then build your décor working with your list of things that make you happy. Winter trends in color this year will be white, with red and green, instead of red and green with white. Just that simple change in how much of each color you have makes a difference in how cheerful it feels. Play around with color and the amount you use, will dictate your cheer levels, so be mindful of how much you use of each you love to see the difference in how it impacts your décor and environment.

Comforting decor 
Pine cones, male and female
Pine cones, male and female (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe more than any time in recent years, mankind is finding a need to find comfort and joy, which has been a common wish and blessing for holidays for decades. Typically, we find great comfort, in those things that have a warm, rustic feel over the flash and glitz of more commercial holiday décor. With that in mind, think of décor that appeals to all five senses. Warm pine boughs on mantles are no new idea, but they will find a way into homes that at one point may have abandoned traditional décor. Why? Because when man struggles, he seeks out those things that make him feel secure and comfortable. The past seems in many ways a safe retreat from the present. Nature lends itself well to the comfort we seek in décor. Look for simple unsophisticated offerings found in nature to appeal to your personal sense of well being and connection to the earth. Pine cones, trigs, branches, apples, fruit, spices and scented candles will always have a place in décor whether it's the year 2012 or 2212. Remember simplicity is at the core of comfort.

Merging cheerful and comforting decor- 
English: Christmas decorations Polski: Dekorac...
English: Christmas decorations Polski: Dekoracje świąteczne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This may be the best design overall. Comforting décor can be raised a level or two by being sure to add whimsy and fun to ordinary or rustic objects. The best way to achieve this may be to take rustic items and craft them into one of a kind bits of fun. Pine cones make great little pine trees with the addition of beads and pearls, twigs and branches that are tied together with raffia and perhaps have a cute elf sitting on top may be just the personality and cheer it needs. Once you open up to your creative side, and you take the everyday into the unusual, magical and whimsical, you have effectively merged both comforting décor and cheerful décor, the result is one hundred percent you, one hundred percent unique.
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