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Monochromatic design: making it sparkle

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If you are the type that will be reluctant to try a monochromatic design scheme because you think it is boring, take heed, there's great ways to make this soothing design aesthetic pop. When we think of monochromatic, we think of bland colors, similar shades and lackluster appeal. However, this is far from it once you understand the ways to make a monochromatic design wake up. Here are the key ways to make this design aesthetic work for you, without being boring.

1. Add plenty of interest to the room with texture. 
Textures add a lot of interest to design because they force the eye to stop and take in the subtle change in the color scheme. Texture in accessories can make the room feel more dimensional. Texture in patterns and fabrics can give off a subtle color change through the shadows created and this adds interest to the room without veering off the soft color scheme. Adding texture can be as easy as adding textured drapes, pillows, woven patterns and embossed wallpaper.

2. Add shine with metal accessories
When pressed to create a monochromatic design scheme that comes alive, it is important to recognize how important metallic accessories are in creating the sparkle that doesn't compete with the colors in the room but illuminates and reflects them. Warm metallic accessories like bronzes,golds, and copper will work wonderfully with creams, and beige,and warm pastels. Cool metallic accessories like silver, chrome, nickle will work great with whites, grays, and   soft cool pastels.                                                                            

English: It is the lighting fixtures I have ta...Image via Wikipedia 3. Get sparkle from glass and lighting
Keeping a monochromatic design scheme simple doesn't mean leaving out all the details that make a room sparkle, in fact these details become more important since they serve more function. To wake up a room where color is simple, try incorporating sparkle through lighting. Crystal chandeliers often add not only sparkle to a room, and visual interest, but refract light and create more detail.

4. Using shapes, lines and curves
To continue to make soothing monochromatic design visually stunning the use of
interesting shapes in the room should be explored. Curvy headboards, or sharp angles that are repeated through the design will pull the room together and keep the eye traveling along the rooms space.

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