Friday, February 10, 2012

Hot interior decorating trends for 2012

If you are wondering what the new trends in home interiors are going to be for the new year, well here's a look. We'll see a glimpse of the past with vintage accents and décor in some rooms, while neutrals expand on the success of Gray wall color last year. Lighting will also go in a few directions depending on what part of the home you are working with. Functionality in lighting takes a back seat to style and artistic expression as more designer options become available.

Here's a look at some of the shifts in design for 2012. If you live in South Carolina and love to scout great deals on vintage décor, you have got to visit Columbia, South Carolina's many antique malls. Loaded with treasures from by gone eras, antique malls can be a designer's best friend. See the *link at the bottom of this article for a list of antique malls in Columbia, South Carolina.

Vintage will always have a following, as many vintage design and décor pieces have a distinctively nostalgic and heartwarming appeal. However, vintage isn't necessarily retro in “feel”. Vintage is more about classic design that holds onto timeless appeal. Vintage is making a comeback primarily in the kitchen. You may see a move towards such design elements as, Soapstone counter tops, and vintage décor in the way of school house lighting, subway tile back splashes, vintage apothecary jars and old world touches. Also don't be surprised to see back to basics white cabinetry in the kitchen as well. Marble is also a hot kitchen island item and even with the special care required, consumers are wiling to take the risk for the beautiful old world classic touch.

Cool neutrals
There were two shifts in the previous year one was colors that were warm and spice inspired and the Neutral Gray was a big hit. This year there will be a gray inspired shift in all neutrals giving them cool tones. Sages, blues and even beige colors will cool down with this gray infusion. Why? Well one theory is once new construction homes started adding a beige color pallet to the walls of the newly built homes, a shift began to disassociate from builder beige. In shifting, consumers wanted to stay neutral but change the color to reflect individual style. The number one most popular trim color for walls is still bright white and with a high gloss, but in some cases, trim work in the room has been going quite dark with Mahogany and Walnut. Wallpaper is also coming back as designers alter the appeal of wallpaper with a design aesthetic more in line with today's homeowner's taste. Wallpaper has much more contemporary flair today, and offers flexibility. Many wallpapers are embossed and allow homeowners to paint over a wide array of design styles and textures.

Lighting will take two shifts, one will go old school with a vintage feel especially in kitchens and bathrooms, the other shift will be more artistic. One way many homeowners can express their style, and tastes is through lighting. Lighting today can be as sedate or creative as the mind can conjure and because it is easily changed with trends coming and going, lighting can afford to be a little taste specific, if one doesn't go too far. Going far beyond functionality, lighting will be another piece of art in homes.
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