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Designing and decorating odd-shaped rooms

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If you have a home that just so happens to have unconventionally-shaped rooms, meaning not square or rectangle in shape, decorating and furnishing these types of spaces can be a challenge. However you may be surprised to learn that there are very little differences in the design approach. Follow these simple guidelines and you will have a room that makes sense even with a “wonky” layout.

Find the focal point-
After you have created your invisible boundaries that are square or rectangular, find the focal point of the room anchor your largest seating to face this. Use area rugs to define the invisible area – Area rugs can serve more than just a great decorative feature to your design scheme. Area rugs also lend themselves well to helping you define your odd shaped space.

Treat the room as if it were a square or rectangle shape-
Just because your room has odd angles doesn't mean you need to get bent out of shape. Find the center of your room and from there create an invisible rectangular or square space. Ignore odd angles and walls. You can expand from the centerpoint out until you come into the odd shaped perimeters. If your room has two distinct areas with two distinct purposes, do the same process per space.
Once your room has the invisible perimeters in place using your area rug for a template you can now place your furniture along those lines and create an arrangement that works within an odd shaped space. There will be dead space around this type of placement but you can easily fill these spaces with floor lamps, plants and tall items like Grandfather clocks etc.

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