Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Don't mix those finishes..

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I saw this again, a well known designer, praising a family on "More Bang for Your Buck" for not being "afraid of mixing their finishes".  I cringe every time I hear a professional tell do-it-yourselfers this because it is really poor advice. Designers on television are well known for their huge errors in design, lets not forget Genevieve Gorder's Moss covered wall back in the day on Trading Spaces, for example. I'm not saying that most of the time they don't do a wonderful job, because they do. However, in the real world, mixing finishes is not, repeat not a good idea. Why? First and foremost when you take on your own project mixing finishes looks unprofessional. Unpolished, and in essence, like you may have run out of money. This isn't a bold statement, and trust me when I say this, it won't be perceived as such either. I would be willing to bet, the homeowners that did have mismatched finishes, did it quite by accident or perhaps as an oversight. I am almost certain it wasn't deliberate.
Even if you have no intention in this world of selling your home, you must always think resale value. Life has a way of throwing us all curve balls and you never know when you may be in a situation where you may need to tap into equity or have to have your home appraised or sold for an emergency.  Please make sure to match your finishes, Oil Rubbed Bronze should only pair with Oil Rubbed Bronze. To truly have seamless beauty, don't take risks that could backfire. Keep it simply stunning..KISS.
Just thought you'd wanna know..

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