Thursday, October 20, 2016

Kitschy Design

One sort of interior design aesthetic you don't hear a lot about online or on television is "Kitschy" design. Interior designers and decorators alike usually will not address this design look because it goes beyond retro and into an area that may or may not reflect (good taste).

Kitschy is defined by Merriam Webster in simple terms as anything that is low brow or tacky, cheesy or of low quality. 

That being said, it does have its own following and fan base of those that remember seeing examples of Kitschy fashion, decor etc. In fact you may have seen examples through out your childhood in your grandmothers home. The way I would describe this design aesthetic as it relates to home decor is to say it's retro meets shabby chic at the flea market in 1945. Hows that for painting a picture?

Kitschy has an appeal all its own, those that gravitate towards it find the retro flare, the colors, all to be nostalgic and somehow familiar and heartwarming. When we channel our inner Betty Page, we find Kitschy decor and art not far away.. it was a time of scandalous colors, and behaviors, but a time most of us look at today and go, "ahhhhhhh....those were the good old days.."

Kitschy is a look for those that simply will not conform to norms. Can it be done in a home successfully? Well you'd have to decide what that means. Anyone can design and decorate in Kitschy fashion, simply by googling images of what "kitschy" is.  Will it be easy? You would think so, because the line between being eclectic and kitschy is blurry at times, but easy? Well yes and no. Retro furniture is pricey. Not to say you can't find a similar metal rimmed formica table in green, red or yellow can't be found, but it will either be money for a replica or a great score at an antique mall or flea market. Either way, it will require some effort to achieve. Black and white floor tiles can still be found easily, and if done on the diagonal will certainly add to the flair. Getting retro appliances will also cost a pretty penny. Check out this adorable but pricey refrigerator:
or a compact version:

You get the idea, it will be costly to get the cheap and tacky look today. However, if this is what you love and I can see why, it may be worth all the effort. Decorate and design what you love, the way you want it, life is too short to do otherwise. Kitschy is for those that love to live by their own set of rules. One thing we can certainly say, its not cheap and tacky? Well its adventurous, colorful and fun..if that is what tacky is, sign me up! I want to meet these people that love this style because I know already I'm gonna enjoy their company!

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