Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ways to feel comfortable in a new home and life

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If you've suddenly gotten married and moved into your new spouses home, it may take a lot of getting used to. There may be a lot left over from the other relationship, especially with widows and widowers. You new partner may not be ready for a great deal of changes in their home right off the bat.
It may have been a big step for them to find a new partner to begin with so slow and steady is the way to go. The best way to change the old energy is with new energy. If you can't get rid of a lot of items in a home, you can certainly rearrange, and add to the existing space to give it a different “feel.” Address all levels of the senses. Take a look at the five senses and examples of what you can do:

Rearranging furniture gives old spaces a new look and it also changes up the flow and feel of a room. Seeing a different layout that you have conducted help you feel like you have made the home yours.

The sense of smell is one of the most powerful memory triggers in human beings. Naturally we are most comfortable smelling familiar scents over new ones. Homes all have smells that are different than what you are used to. By adding familiar smells with favorite air fresheners, fabric fresheners, candles and fresh flowers you subtly bring your energy into the space and once a home starts to smell familiar, it more welcoming.
Whether you love the feel of suede, velour, or velvet you can improve your comfort level a great deal by adding soft textures you enjoy to a new space. Things like adding new pillows to a sofa, a favorite throw, or an area rug on the floor, can all give you a sense of belonging and we all need a certain amount of creature comforts to help us merge into a new experience.

Music, wind chimes, or small table fountains all help change the energy in a room by replacing the ambiance. Soothing and familiar sounds are great ways to relax, relieve tension and stress as well.

Keep favorite candy in candy dishes in the new home that will give you a sense of yourself and your existing pleasures. You'd be surprised how a little thing like having your favorite hard candy on hand can make a big difference in how you adjust to a new space.

Once you have done these little changes, in time you can move on and integrate your tastes in things like furnishings, colors and decorative items. Like Rome, a home can not be built in a day, patience is the key to harmony in a new space.
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