Monday, October 24, 2011

Interior décor an investment in your home's value

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Interior decorating has come a long way. No more are the days where simply placing an item that caught your eye in a shop on a shelf was enough to make for a well decorated and designed space. Decorating today is a fine science where strategy, composition, balance and scale all come into play. Today the modern home owner is privy to tools and ideas that not only make their home stylish, but a vessel for profit as well.

Years ago, selling a home simply meant giving it a good clean, and hoping a prospective buyer liked what they saw. Today, there is a true strategy with much depending on how well versed the home owner is on décor, design, and marketing their homes best assets. Your chances of making a profit or scoring big in a soft market is hard, but it all depends on one's definition on what big is. A big score to some may be acquiring enough over their home's pay off to put ten percent down on the next home, while to others it may be recouping your improvement costs and then some.

So where do we go from here? Especially in a sluggish economy and with limited funds? Consider updating your décor if nothing else. A home painted in contemporary neutrals and polished off with a clever mix of well placed and balanced décor can go a long way. This may mean replacing drapes, removing items that are not functional nor decorative, and painting as well.

Interior shot2_INGImage via WikipediaOne thing that can not be ignored today is that home buyers today are well schooled in décor and design compared to their parents and grand parents. Not to mention they are deluged with oodles of inventory to pick from right now. Young home buyers are less interested in a home's “potential” and more interested in things like updates, location, and room to grow.

Standard is no longer desirable, above and beyond the competition is what will get your contract signed. So if you find yourself needing to sell your home remember a well decorated interior is a minimal investment, but an investment nonetheless. Sometimes, it is not the amount of money you spend, it is what you spend it on that makes
it pay off.
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