Friday, August 12, 2011

HGTV announces Summer Celebration Sweepstakes

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HGTV is at it again, their latest Summer Celebration Sweepstakes is to the tune of $75,000.00 and you have the chance to enter up to two times daily. Interested parties can go to the HGTV website and enter for a chance at this big pay off. Enter once daily until August 15th for a chance to win. What can be done with $75,000.00 dollars? Well how about a high end kitchen renovation? How about a home addition or a grand master suite? If you are financially savvy, you may just decide to either put it into the bank or use it for bills. Pay it toward your homes balance to gain back equity or take a dream vacation. Whatever you may want to do with your winnings, the best way to have a chance is to enter daily, here: HGTV Summer Sweepstakes. For a complete list of rules for this sweepstakes, visit here: HGTV Summer Sweepstakes Rules.

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