Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Home decor trends that will last

Recent Trends in Home Decor, they'll be around for some time to come...
If you are updating an existing home for yourself or you are preparing to sell in the near  future, one area of interest should be what the recent trends are. Typically speaking, following trends can be a risk but a few trends surfacing today are likely to be around for some time to come. Knowing what trends are safe to use and likely to appeal to not only your sense of style but any future prospects is just sound investing.

Know your style- Not sure? Educate yourself online, look up various decor styles and their definitions, ie: Contempory, Traditional, etc. Once you have some idea of a few design styles, simply walk through your home and take note of the furnishings you have that appeal to you. Make sure to factor in lighting, fabrics, types of wood, and metal finishes. This should give you an idea of what you lean towards aesthetically. Knowing this, will help steer you in decorating your home and updating it's look.

Color Trends- If you have watched a few design shows on tv, specifically those geared at helping people stage their homes you know all too well the word "neutral". Most of us associate neutrals with varying degrees of tan, taupe, or beige. However, recently the "new" neutral color trend is leaning toward dove greys, and blue greys and powder greys. Yep, ten years ago that would have shocked most people. As society in general becomes more decor savvy though, we see a new educated breadth of vision with what neutrals can be. Keep an eye out for these soft hues in decor, especially wall color. Why? Soft blue greys lend themselves very well to crisp white trims, blacks and metallic finishes like brushed nickle, and Pewter.

Trends in furniture- In the world of design, furnishings always follow lifestyle in design and function. The more active the lifestyle, the more simplistic, clean lined and comfortable furniture trends tend to be. Dual purposing furniture will always have some level of allure to most family homes. However, gone are the days of floral fabrics, and over-stuffed pastels, and that ever lingering oak trim. A society much more educated in decor has emerged and furniture is becoming soft, comfortable and offering much cleaner lines. Rich fabrics in shades of mocha, cinnamon, and every shade in between seem to be here to stay. When chosing woods, always chose quality, and when in doubt, a good rule of thumb is, if you wouldn't want it for your kitchen cabinets, it probably isn't desirable elsewhere in the house. Cherry, Maple, and Mahogany are high on the list for most desirable furniture woods. Investing in pieces made of these are probably going to stay in vogue for years to come and if they go out of style, it will have more to do with the overall design than it would the woods itself, so keep that in mind when shopping.

Trends in Finishes-
Finishes that will probably stay in the game for a while will be on two ends of the spectrum, Stainless steel, Pewter, Brushed Nickels are popular in faucets, appliances, light fixtures and hardware. On the flip side, Oil rubbed bronzes, and dark iron grill work is also making a comeback. Both metals go well with all forms of granite, marbles, and natural elements. It is a safe gamble to replace your hardware and fixture in these, and not have to worry about them going anywhere or becoming out of date any time soon. Because these finishes are offered in so many styles from chic and sleek to old world, they will be a versatile and desirable look for many years to come.

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