Wednesday, October 21, 2009

When Wallpapering is a must...

Textured paintable wall paper
I'm sure many of you know the drudgery of wallpapering, all of us that follow design shows on TV see wallpapering coming off the walls not going on. However, wall paper is making a subtle yet significant comeback and can be a great solution.

Textured, paint-able, and stylish many wall papers offer a greater range of versatility over their cheesy hard to remove predecessors. Consider badly damaged walls that have scars, imperfections, and patch jobs, textured paint-able wall paper can be a God send. A trip to your local hardware store, I went to Lowe's for mine, will open your eyes to new possibilities with wall paper. If you take the necessary precaution of painting your sheet rock/drywall in advance with a semi gloss paint, most wall paper can be removed at a future date easily.

What made it so difficult in the past was some builders, home owners in the past were adhering the paper directly to un-primed, unprepared drywall. In this case, you are in for a nightmare. Sometimes it is better to just paper over a drywall disaster than to keep patching and sanding.

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