Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Coming up with your own design philosophy

One thing that I can not stress enough is how important it is to have your own ideas and philosophy in your home's decor and design. Too many of us are swept up in what we are told by the industry is the best look for our homes, but few of these sources know your individual living needs, or the dynamics of your family and home life.

This is why it is important to develop your sense of style based on what you know about yourself. Now many have expressed to me that they don't always know what their design style or philosophy is, and I can understand this completely. It's not necessarily a cut and dry assessment. Chances are though, your style is right under your own nose, or you may even be wearing it. This is something most of us don't realize but the way we shop for our clothing, our cars and even the homes we pick all lend themselves as evidence to what our real style is.

Once you come to know and embrace your own individual style and philosophy, it becomes easier in time to know what you like and what you don't, what works, what wont, and ultimately what will make you happy. Designers, Decorators all can tell you what industry standards are, they can suggest and offer ideas but if you don't allow or develop what your philosophy, you will soon find yourself living someone else's dream and not your own.

When you do seek out the advice of someone like an Interior Designer or Interior Decorator (like me) be sure to find out what their philosophy is and decide whether it mirrors any values you hold near and dear. I truly believe my job is to help you, or the client find their own philosophy and design style. Once I have that as a template, it is then my job to use my skills in getting what is in your mind, in your life in the most creative, beautiful way that works for you on multiple levels.

So here's my tips to help you find your design philosophy:

 Look in your closet. Examine your favorite articles of clothing and footwear, jewelry, and accessories. Ask yourself what it is about these items do you love.
Walk around your home.  Take note of your artwork choices, furniture, flooring, wall color, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures.

Here's a check list you can use:
1. Color
2. Texture
3. Comfort on a scale of 1- 10
4. Durability
5. Usability- in other words, how often do you find these items as a go to, and why..

Notice Repeating colors, finishes and textures
List these repeating colors, finishes and textures

If you're seeing a lot of repeating metals, finishes, colors etc. then you've probably found a good starter list for what your likes are.

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