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Updating kitchen cabinets

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The top three biggest expenses in kitchen renovations are cabinets, appliances, and counter tops. If your home hasn't been updated in the last ten years you may find yourself in for a great deal of money to bring your home up to speed. How can you make improvements with out going broke? Well there are alternatives to updating your cabinets if you are willing to open up your mind, and abandon a few preconceived notions.

Cabinets can always be painted or refaced- Some may be under the impression that wood should never be painted however, this depends on several factors. Inexpensive and builder grade woods can and should be painted if they are in bad shape, dark, dingy or dated. The key is to make sure you do the job right. If you can't then have someone professionally paint your cabinets with the right tools needed for lasting beauty, research the best paint products to use for your cabinets, whether they are real wood, laminate, etc. Using the right paint product with the right material of cabinet will give you the best results.

Now, for some of us that just can't bear painting our wood, consider re-staining your wood. If you have, for instance old Oak cabinets or a light finished wood cabinet that just doesn't work for you, restain them a darker color. There are several products on the market, Lowe's offers Minwax Stain and Finish In One, and it states that it can easily go over existing stained cabinetry. Lowe's also offers Minwax Gel Stain that is made to go over wood veneers, etc. Tip: Be sure to read the reviews before you make your decision. Try out the stain on an inconspicuous area beforehand.

Refacing -
Refacing cabinets can also be an alternative. Ideally real wood cabinets are the easiest to reface. They can be covered in bead board and framed out with a nice trim. There are also companies that you can order replacement cabinet doors from that will allow you to instantly improve your kitchen. Maple Craft USA has not only kitchen door replacement options but also sells cabinet veneers to reface your existing cabinets with, as well as cabinet drawers etc. See the link at the bottom of this article.

New pulls-
New cabinet pulls will definitely help your kitchen look it's best and in some cases this may be the only thing you need to do. Ebay offers a huge selection of knobs and pulls for updating your cabinets. Prices and shipping costs are competitive, just make sure you check the stats on the seller, and do comparisons. Check measurements on your existing cabinets before placing your order. Tip: Don't overlook hinges. Now that the world is abandoning polished brass finishes in the home, you may want to update your old hinges to brushed Nickle, Oil Rubbed Bronze, etc which can also be found on Ebay. Check around for the best buy and make sure you get the right size for your needs. If you can't find them, spray paint them to match.

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*Lowes Minwax Stain and Finish All In One
*Lowes Minwax Gel Stain

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